By providing fast, accurate accounting and administrative systems, Flex Administration makes growing your business simple.

 Chances are you started your company because you saw an opportunity to follow your passion.  Most people don’t become their own boss to get bogged down in numbers, paperwork, and stress.  They may not be exciting, but invoicing, taxation, payroll, and administration are vital to a business’ success.

Many small-businesses leave their accounting and administrative tasks to the end of the month, by which time the paperwork is overwhelming.  This creates more pressure, as people panic about getting the work done, paying staff, suppliers, and contractors and avoiding penalties from the IRD.

 As a business owner, time is your most precious resource.  If you’re worried about GST, payroll, bookkeeping, and administration, you have less time to do what you love.  By streamlining your finances and paperwork, Flex Administration can restore your work/life balance, giving you more time to follow up leads around Christchurch, grow your business, and do what really drives you.

 Flex Administration can cure your bookkeeping headaches, and take the stress out of your finance and administration.  We’re Xero Certified, a FlexiTime partner, and have extensive experience with MYOB and a number of accounting and payroll programmes.  We’re confident we can work with whatever systems you’re currently using to help streamline your office.  We can also run Xero setup, conversion, and training to help you better manage your accounts.

 Flexibility is key, it’s part of our name after all!  We will adapt our services, and tailor a unique plan for whatever you need.  We can work from your office or ours, with hours to suit your business requirements.

 By eliminating mistakes and keeping you on top of your admin, accounts and office work, Flex Administration can improve your cashflow, your profit and loss margins, and your business model.

At Flex Administration we pride ourselves on delivering timely, accurate, high-quality financial and administrative services that save you and your business time and money. View our services page for how we can help make your life simpler.

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