The Team

Flexecutive Director, Sharon Hartley

When it comes to accounting and finance, Sharon knows what works.

She spent around two decades working in various accounting firms and finance companies, doing payroll, GST returns, administration and data entry for a number of Christchurch businesses.  She learned the accountant’s way of doing things, which includes trust, professionalism, and high standards and ethics.  They’ve become her life habits and just part of the way she conducts business.

Sharon founded Flex Administration so she could work with small-to-medium business owners, and help them run their companies more efficiently and effectively.  Truth be told, she was getting a little tired of spending all her time around accountants, and wanted to work with people who are passionate about what they do.  More than just bookkeeping, Sharon enjoys getting inside businesses to see how they work and identify systems, processes, and other areas where companies can be more productive.

“For me, being Flexecutive Director is a chance to help develop businesses around Canterbury.  Whether that’s improving their cashflow, or generally making their office simpler to run I love the satisfaction that comes with making good businesses better.”

 Born and raised in Christchurch, Sharon loves all aspects of project management and taking on challenges.  She’s currently planning the rebuild of her home, and raising two boys and a puppy with her husband Derek.

For flexible, efficient, and accurate accounts and admin services in Christchurch, contact Flexecutive Director Sharon Hartley on
021 555 448 for a free consultation.

Flexecutive, Andrea Scott

Andrea is a certified bookkeeper and a member of the NZ Bookkeepers Association Incorporated, with experience working in finance roles in New Zealand and the UK.

She is dependable, motivated, dedicated and a technically skilled business professional who readily adapts to change.  Andrea has an extensive background in bookkeeping, payroll, tax, social media and has versatile administration skills.

In her own time, Andrea enjoys playing musical instruments, attending dance fitness classes and spending time with her family and puppy.